What is SMS Faker and how do I use it?

SMS Faker makes it look like you're receiving an SMS from anyone. Fake an SMS to get yourself out of an uncomfortable situation, or impress your friends with a text from President Obama!

** NOTE: this does not send a fake SMS to OTHER people. **

It's easy to use! Here's how to set up a very basic fake SMS:
1. When you first run the app, you'll be directed to configure some basic stuff - you can either use an existing contact (someone that's in your phone already) or you can set the caller name or number.
2. Then set the message you wish to have in the fake SMS.
3. You can set the number of minutes until the fake SMS is sent.

Then, simply hit the back button and your settings are saved. From there, you can either
a. Set the SMS to launch in 10 seconds (hit the "Text me in 10 seconds" button) -or-
b. Hit the "Launch SMS!" button and you'll receive the fake SMS in the number of minutes you've specified.

The fake SMS will show up in your Messaging screen.

WARNING: If you use a real contact, do not attempt to REPLY to the FAKE SMS. You could inadvertently send that reply to a real person! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Also, you can put a widget for this app on your home screen for quick use!

Email callfaker@gmail.com if you need help!