Thursday, December 24, 2009

Call Faker Remote - what does it do?

Some people don't understand what this app does, so I'm writing this post. If you don't get what this app does, uninstall it. Don't give me shitty ratings because you can't read the directions.

0. This app does not call anyone - it uses text messages to work.
1. This app does not fake caller ID.

It is an add-on to the original Call Faker app.

*** Both people must have Call Faker Remote app to work! ***

How you use it:
1. Pick the person you want to receive the fake call (your friend, who has the app installed) from your contact list.
2. Enter in the name that you want to show up on their phone (such as Obama, Bill Gates, etc) - this is the 'fake caller'
3. Send the call.

And that's it! Obama shows up calling on your friend's phone.

Merry Christmas!