Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Call Faker...what does and doesn't it do?

If you have questions about what this app does, please read below:

What does it do?
-It makes your phone ring with a contact and/or name and number, giving the illusion that you're receiving a call from said person. You can set the time that it goes off.
-Some people use it as their alarm clock.
-Use it to get out of meetings, bad dates, funerals, etc.

What does it not do?
-It does not allow you to "fake call" other people, fake your caller id, disguise your voice, etc.
-It does not actually use your minutes.
-It does not place a call to anywhere.

This app has a version with ads that is free, and a version without ads that is not free.

This app is for entertainment purposes. If you have issues, comments, or concerns, please email Thanks.